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July 10, 2018

It's Not Soft-Serve, It's A Creemee

Posted by: Linda Wolf

It's Not Soft-Serve, It's A Creemee

The creemee--a Vermont icon, the pride of our great little state and the most delicious summertime treat. It would be offensive to visit Vermont in the summer and not get your hands and your mouth on a refreshing, tasty, creamy creemee! When guests stay at our downtown Burlington bed and breakfast and ask our tops picks for local creemees our eyes light up like we're seeing Santa for the first time and we immediately beg them to tagalong (only kidding). But really, creemees are about as prevalent in Vermont as sun bathers in Florida. Here are our top picks for local creemee stands so you won't leave Vermont disappointed:

For more suggestions and to read about the history of the creemee: Travel Like A Local

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