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July 6, 2018

Keep Your Cool (and Fido's, Too)!

Posted by: Linda Wolf

Keep Your Cool (and Fido's, Too)!

If you're anything like us, the end of Vermont's week-long heat wave has left us with a mixture of relief, exhaustion and for some of us a little lingering crankiness. But, what's important is that we can now enjoy some relief from the mind-numbing heat and humidity and get our brains back to fully functional. Luckily, at our city retreat boutique bed and breakfast, our rooms are perfectly chilled for our guests to escape the oven outside. A few things a heat wave is good for: 1. If you don't have access to an air conditioner, it forces you to come up with creative and adventurous ways to stay cool (can anyone say sprinkler dance party or slip and slide race?) 2. It gives you a pass to sweat profusely and give zero f*cks about your appearance 3. You appreciate Vermont's nudity law much more (who likes sticky clothes anyway?!).

For us, at Made INN Vermont, we had to come up with interesting ideas to keep our guests entertained and cool all day long. Those guests who traveled with Fido to stay at our pet friendly B&B in downtown Burlington had to get even more creative to keep their furry friend exercised and safe during what seemed like a never ending week. Our best suggestions for animal lovers looking to stay cool while staying at the coolest micro hotel in town:

For those traveling without a four-legged (or three-legged) friend:

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