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June 30, 2016

The Morning of our Special “Smoked” Breakfast

Posted by: Linda Wolf

The Morning of our Special “Smoked” Breakfast

Our marketing guy suggests we promote ourselves as Made INN Vermont Bed & Breakfast (terror included at no extra charge).

This is what happened the other morning. We have a commercial grade, stainless steel kitchen, which is virtually fireproof. However, someone (possibly me, before the first cup of coffee kicked in), placed a wooden cutting board too close to a stove burner. The board began to smolder, and we now know that all of our smoke alarms work perfectly.

All of our guests abandoned their comfortable Tempurpedic beds, quickly donned the plush robes and slippers we provide in each guest room, and fled their elegantly appointed rooms. Most of them looked way better than I do at that hour of the morning (some mornings, I think I look like I’ve been thrown off a moving train). I didn’t even have a chance to inform them that any of state of undress is permitted in Vermont. Yes, it is a fact that VT is the only state that permits public nudity, except in city parks (apparently nudity upsets squirrels). In fact, our attractive male guests didn’t even give me a vote on their choice of attire.

Of course there was no real danger and not even our fabulous vinyl record collection was in jeopardy, but the atmosphere was ruined. I covered the cost of breakfast for each guest at any of our outstanding local restaurants. In order to steady their nerves a few guests may have partaken of one of the award-winning IPAs, sangrias, or mimosas we serve, and all’s well that ends well.

Unfortunately, that morning our guests didn’t have a chance to enjoy our amazing maple-cured bacon. That morning, it had an extra special smoky flavor. 

We’ve learned our lesson and we work hard to not repeat our mistakes, so no worries. We promise an impromptu fire drill will not be part of your stay at Made INN Vermont.

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