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Soho funky meets New England History with an irreverent spirit of Tongue’n’Cheek as a “New Breed of INN”, in a true authentic Burlington Vermont style.

, Made INN Vermont, an Urban-Chic Boutique Bed and Breakfast


Linda, the owner, bounds down the stairs and offers up a spiked hot chocolate and decanters of personal warmth. She’s as eclectic as the appointments: shelves of out-of-print art books, vintage games and puzzles, kitschy toys and bibelots, two plump and fuzzy resident cats (Cutie Katie and Casey Boy), cascades of Vermont-made maple candies, cookies, syrups, ciders, popcorn, cheesecake, even cotton candy – and an endless mix of re-purposed, antique, and modern tchotchkes – though, mercifully, no potpourri or lace doilies in sight.

Linda tours me about, including the widow’s watch (or Belvedere), a room with a view of Lake Champlain, where she cryptically claims you can spot Champ, the giant serpentine monster, cousin to Nessie of Loch Ness. My guestroom sprawls like an overstuffed armchair, offering up a working record player with a selection of vinyl LPs from my high school years, nightstands fashioned from djembe drums, and colored LED lights under the bed. Yes, I am seeking restoration, dialing back to a perhaps simpler era, and this may be my hot tub time machine.

After settling in, I decide to walk to town for some nourishment and Linda recommends the locally made flatbread. The Vermont night air is brisk, crisp and bracing. On the tree-lined stroll, I feel the tension scurrying up and out of me. Shoulders unclench. The restorative power of Vermont is kicking in. I’d worked not long ago for Microsoft and Yahoo, and felt the noose of technology tighten; but here, now, it is looping away. The best antidote to too much electronic immersion is an increase in Vermont body contact, unplugged from devices, but plugged into the deep time of the Green Mountain State. It is for some a scandalous idea: the more high-tech we become, the more we need Vermont. The morning next, after a breakfast of Vermont eggs, local cheese, maple bacon, and cinnamon raisin French toast, I pack the car and am ready for the trip.”

We are “all-embracing” as we appreciate everyone who comes to enjoy our INN with us. We love pets, we love children, particularly as our inn is designed with a theme for providing a generous and relaxed playful interactive indoor retreat – filled with games, books, delicious breakfasts, exclusive IPAs, multiple patios, Victorian porches, hot-tub and sauna, instruments and fabulous contemporary art….for everyone!

Wrong/right…whatever you/we BE, we’re heartfelt and working hard to keeping it “real” at our Burlington Vermont “Club-Like” Bed and Breakfast.

Real Brew, Real Crew, Real Views, Real Food & Real Fun in an Authentic 1881 Historic Queen Anne Victorian as a Downtown Burlington Hidden Gem of an INN! If you have an understanding of our service and you like our ideas we have presented here…we ask: WHY STAY ANYWHERE ELSE? Really, why stay anywhere else?

A New Design Hotel – Discover a Unique Historic Luxury INN in Downtown Burlington, Vermont.  802.399.2788

Come to Made INN Vermont Bed & Breakfast for an authentic YOLO experience. We’re hip (some call us the “hip-replacement” B&B), chic and urban. We tweak your enjoyment, we tweet, we text, we’ve even been known to twerk on occasion. In other words, we aren’t your grandmother’s first choice (unless she’s extremely plugged in and has the kind of blue hair Katy Perry would wear). We are the Millennials’ favorite and some even bring their Baby Boomer parents along (grandma is welcome, too, but we don’t have an elevator). We are within an easy walk of some of the best of Burlington’s fine dining and music scene, and the Lake Champlain waterfront. Burlington is so cool, we even have “Green Cab” (which is our favorite Burlington cab co) & Uber! (We even know that LOL does not mean “lots of love.” ROFLMAO!)

LGBTQ friendly? Puhleese…we’ve been that since before they added the “T” and the “Q,” and made “L” the first letter.

If you’re the sort of potential guest who understood all the references and acronyms in this description: How soon can you be here?!

All of our guests inspire happiness!The majority when they check-in(The rare few, when they check-out.)

Yes, we have a sense of humor. Laughter and good times are part of the Made INN Vermont Best Burlington Bed and Breakfast Experience.

, Made INN Vermont, an Urban-Chic Boutique Bed and Breakfast
, Made INN Vermont, an Urban-Chic Boutique Bed and Breakfast



“If you want an outstanding experience in Burlington, I highly recommend Made INN Vermont. . . . The homey, eclectic atmosphere provides much more than a hotel experience.”

Five-Star Review

“Best B&B in Burlington! Such a fun and unique B&B! Its the perfect place for a couples romantic stay. The website advertises an “urban chic/rustic” inn, and that’s exactly what it is. The décor is awesome – there’s musical instruments, record players, chalkboard walls, eclectic furniture, books, and board games both in the rooms and the common areas. . . .”

Five star Google review

“This Bed and Breakfast is truly unique. The hotel is in a beautiful old Victorian house filled with charm and history. The rooms are all decorated uniquely. My bed was very comfortable and the room was quiet. There was a chalk board wall where people leave messages about their stay. ”

Five-Star Yelp Review

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MADE INN VERMONT BED & BREAKFAST [bed-n-brek-fuh-st]; noun.

An urban, chic, artisanal, intimate Victorian mansion that pairs well with locavore fare, award-winning IPAs, all-inclusive amenities, and located minutes from Lake Champlain and the heart of Burlington.

Synonyms: Nothing compares.


204 S Willard Street, Burlington, VT 05401 | (802) 399-2788 (Landline, voice calls only, no texts.)|

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