Posted by: Linda Wolf

Once you settle in to Burlington’s best boutique city retreat and take some time to explore our historic bed and breakfast we suggest hitting the town and enjoying these 5 (best kept secret) mouth watering meals.

  1. Honey Road is an all woman run kitchen that recently received a nod for a James Beard Award (who’da thunk, in our little town). Start your meal with some whipped feta and homemade pita followed by the Pide and a fresh kale salad. Be sure to save room for some truly unique desserts!
  2. Revolution Kitchen is an all vegetarian/vegan dining experience! Whet your appetite with an order of Vietnamese Salad Rolls followed by the Laksa Noodle Pot. You’ll want to save room for Deb’s desserts, they are the best in town–perfectly light, not over sweet and completely delicious.
  3. Butch + Babe’s is serving “American food that tells a story about our families + the fabric of the Old North End”, you’ll feel like family the moment you walk in. We love ordering a bunch of plates to share, so we recommend General Tso’s Cauliflower, House-Cut Fries + Ranch, and (really) any of the [hot] dogs from the dog house. Check out their site for weekly specials, Thursday night Ramen with house made noodles is a must!
  4. Trattoria Delia is perfect if you’re looking for a romantic gem in the heart of downtown Burlington. This Italian eatery is tucked away between a wine bar and pizzeria. For a truly delectable meal be sure to order the Carpaccia al Tartufo and ask for their wine pairing suggestions.
  5. Pizzeria Verita is the Italian cousin of Trattoria Delia, offering wood-fired neopolitan pizza, salads and some of the best craft cocktails in Burlington. Get your juices flowing with the Antipasti della Verità (chef’s choice of charcuterie, cheese and brined treat), lighten things up with the Rocket salad and then indulge your pizza cravings with the Ring of Fire (if you’re feeling spicy) or the Cherry Amore (if you’re feeling sweet). As far as craft cocktails go, the Fuoco Bellisimo is a treat for your taste buds and the Negroni menu is out of this world!

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