Posted by: Linda Wolf

At Made INN Vermont, a creative spirit and wondrous soul keep our bed and breakfast in downtown Burlington, Vermont an enchanting getaway for guests of all ages. Occasionally, our chalkboard walls get a bath and a whole new set of incredible guests have a chance to grace our walls with their drawings, names, memories and witty repartee. So, to all incoming guests and hopefuls out there who haven’t yet booked a stay at the #1 B&B in Burlington… we NEED your artistic flair–come draw on our walls and leave your mark in history. Where else can you enjoy gourmet breakfast, unique furnishings and bustling downtown area AND an INNkeeper who begs you to draw on the walls?!


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MADE INN VERMONT BED & BREAKFAST [bed-n-brek-fuh-st]; noun.

An urban, chic, artisanal, intimate Victorian mansion that pairs well with locavore fare, award-winning IPAs, all-inclusive amenities, and located minutes from Lake Champlain and the heart of Burlington.

Synonyms: Nothing compares.


204 S Willard Street, Burlington, VT 05401 | (802) 399-2788 (Landline, voice calls only, no texts.)|

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