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March 23, 2018

Sight & Sound

Posted by: Linda Wolf

Sight & Sound

About a month ago, Tim from Vermont Singing Drum showed up at the back door clad in holey Carhartt's and a three day old 5 o'clock shadow with a drum in hand and a story to tell. After giving him a little sh!t for his authentic Vermont appearance we allowed him to sit in our parlor and take up some valuable time. He quickly made himself comfortable and dove into the story behind the Vermont Singing Drum, which he claims anyone can play and it can never produce a poor note. Tim’s main focus and current passion project is introducing his drums to classrooms throughout Vermont to increase peer to peer engagement, increase sociability and foster creativity. Tim routinely presents the drums to teachers and administrators in hopes that they will jump on board. State sponsored grants are available for teachers if they wish to introduce these drums to their students.

Tim artfully crafts these steel drums by hand in his studio on Howard Street in Burlington. The red building that houses dozens of artists is abuzz with creative energy and his showroom is certainly one of the more eye catching. He left us with a drum and one simple instruction, encourage guests to play. We now start every morning with a singing drum wake up call for breakfast and move the drum from room to room when children stay with us so they can enjoy it's haunting sound (and keep their parents on their toes!). A few weeks later we ran into Tim while visiting Tabbatha Henry Designs (a porcelain lighting and sculpture studio also located in the Howard Street studio space) and he graciously offered us a second drum to encourage more engagement. As Burlington's #1 politically-incorrect INNkeeper, I knew immediately the benefits of the drum and it's meditative qualities in relation to the 437 Hz frequency (the natural frequency of the universe-- L O V E). Thank you, Tim!

If you're interested in learning more about Tim and the Vermont Singing Drums please visit his website:

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